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#1 - Conduct Initial Research

Conduct your initial property research and you need to be constantly updated on marketing conditions, including past and historical data transactions. You may check previous transactions on HDB and URA websites.

#2 – Price Your House Correctly

After initial analysis, reach out to prospective buyers with a reliable price. If your price too low, prospective buyers may feel something suspicious, on the other hand if you set a price that is too high, it won’t create any interest for buyers too. So the best option is to do proper research and come up with an attractive price based on market sentiments.

#3 – List Your Property in Pliksa

Once you finalized the pricing, submit your listings in our directory with attractive photos, property details and expected price. Try to provide all details about your property, amenities, interior and neighborhood attractions, which will attract right buyers!

How pliksa works ?

a. Pliksa target buyers and sellers in Singapore property market and increase
visibility for you and your listings.

            b. Pliksa offers simple listing platform for agents and map based search of
properties for prospective buyer and tenants.

                       c. Pliksa connects you with prospects so you can spend less time finding
leads and more time on closing deals.

WHY List with pliksa?

Pliksa is the fastest growing free listing portal in Singapore. Lot of agents have already joined with us and started advertise their properties.

Our search results produce much more relevant and latest listings. We don't show any featured listings or background algorithm. Always latest property will appear on top.
Responsive & SEO Listings
Our content team will convert your listings as highly optimized pages to get higher raking in search engines. Site is responsive and layout is re aligned for any screen width.

How pliksa make money?

Unlimited listing on pliksa is absolutely FREE. So how pliksa make money ?

We provide property agents value added services like their own personal branding website, personal property listing website, full-fledged property portal and digital marketing services.

More Details about our value added services